What makes a nerd?

We’ve been called nerds before. When we were young, these insults meant that we were not accepted, nor were we aware of the basic criteria required for permanent membership status in the “cool crowd.” We were nowhere near that point, in fact.

We don’t think being a nerd means you have to be into certain television shows, movies, universes, video games, or comic books. But indeed, there are certain standards, and we will be the first to admit that our respective nerd résumés are a bit lacking in some areas.

And so, we venture forward. We open doors to new realms, ones previously undiscovered, ones in which lay the key to true nerdly understanding. The tiny glimmer of hope that we will one day feel worthy of the title of “Nerd” is what keeps us on this path of righteousness.

We accept this mission with passion in our hearts, and we hope that on our journey of self-discovery, you can relate somehow. Because while we watch these new-to-us programs, or read new-to-us books, you, dear listener—you can point your finger and laugh at our pitiful novicy.


Nerd Novice is a podcast about rage, hope, and discovery.

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