Band Camp

In a high school classroom discussion about ethics I once started a story with, “One time, at band camp,” totally oblivious to the cultural reference I made, wondering why the entire room was laughing at me. I remember thinking, maybe there is something crazy going on behind me through the window...? I even turned around to look. Nope. That was my nerd flag flying high.

I mean, I was really trying to tell a story about band camp. Band camp was fun. My friends and I ate a bunch of Easy Cheese and got sunburns, and at night discovered painted glow-in-the-dark death threats adorning our dorm room walls. (True.) That was back in the day when I had to call my parents on a pay phone. We used that collect call technique where you leave your name as “HEYITSMEGANCALLMEBACK” and they hang up the collect call, and dial the pay phone number direct. Cheating the system rules.

Anyway, back to being a nerd. You know how hipsters ruined big plastic glasses for everyone? Yeah, that sucks. I used to rock giant plastic glasses in the 90s, assholes. I earned that right when I was called “four-eyes” and when I totally got annihilated in the face by a racing dodgeball so hard my glasses flew off and slid across the gym floor. Now I can’t wear my big glasses without feeling like a poser. Screw you.

I do feel like a legitimate member of the nerd club though. I know a ton of Weird Al songs, there are definitely some disposable camera photos lurking somewhere of me posing like Sailor Moon, and I would rather make a website than a new friend. But I have to admit, I’m lacking in some nerd education. That’s what this new adventure is for.

So please, bear with us while we watch a bunch of shows you’ve already seen. Maybe it will be entertaining for you to listen while Jim and I pose incorrect theories, rage at frustrating plotlines, get facts wrong, and generally look like silly people. And feel free to send us hate mail.