Nerd Novice Patreon Announcement!

We has some super lofty, awesome goals for the coming few months. Some of these goals include meeting William Shatner and James Marsters and more at Wizard World. And probably getting them to record "station identifier" clips for our show. I mean that would be amaaaaazing.

Other goals include ordering totally rad merchandise that I know you all are going to love and want ("Mornings Be Suck" mugs, anyone?). Also, stickers. Thousands of stickers.

Basically, we want to spread the Nerd Novice love. We have been producing a totally ad-free and fabulous podcast for over a year and a half now (since January 2013), and you all have been such devoted fans of the show. We love our Novicifers. (I'm going to make "Novicifers" happen, despite what Jim wants. It's just gonna happen, guys.) All of you listeners have been so great with engaging in conversation, telling your friends, and rating us on iTunes.

Now all there is left to do is to spread the kingdom of Nerd Novice further, and further, until more and more people become devoted listeners. Because we know they'll love it.

Help us, Novicifer people. You're our only hope. is an amazing website devoted to funding artists and media-makers to help them continue their work. You can be a patron of Nerd Novice by donating even $1/episode, and it would help us incredibly! On Patreon you can set your max for the month, so just in case we get crazy and put out 10 episodes in a month, you don't need to worry about going over your budget. Seriously, this could be a $5/month pledge. All you have to do is go to to support us.

Extra bonus: We are now going to be producing our podcast for video, too, so you can see us on YouTube!

Still not convinced? Watch our video below. Maybe you'll change your mind! If you can't donate, please consider at least sharing our video on your Facebook page or Twitter so we can spread the word!

THANK YOU! Show us your bits!